No....2027 is NOT the number of cookies I've made this week...although it absolutely feels like it. 

2027 is the year that Mia will be turning 17.  Why am I writing about this you ask?  Well....last night I was working on an order for a girl's 17th birthday and my mind just started to wander...Will I still be doing this when Mia is 17?  Wonder what she'll be like or what cookies she will want for her 17th birthday.  Will she even like cookies???  Will she be an employee of my bakery?(I'm dreaming, I know)  How old will I be when Mia is 17?  45.  Will I have arthritis in my hands by then?  Probably.  I hope I can make her some nice birthday cookies even though I'll be so busy at the bakery and dealing with my ailment. 
So I yell out to Rob..."Do you think I'll still be doing this when Mia is 17?"  His response:  "I don't know." (Real communicative, Rob...thanks for participating in this conversation.)
Anyway....this customer requested girly shoes and purses for her daughter's birthday dinner.  I just couldn't make purses without matching wallets...and I've had these lipstick and nail polish cookie cutters that I've been waiting to use so I made some of those, too. 

Maybe these were my favorite....
Love the little clasp on the wallet

Wait.....I think these were my favorite :)
A very rushed and non-researched attempt at a Louis Vuitton logo. 
I also worked on some football cookies yesterday so here are the pictures of those...
AND....I made angel cookies this week and forgot to take a picture of them :( 
(Imagine a picture of beautiful angel cookies here:)
Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!