50 shades of....yellow?

So no, I have not read the 50 shades of grey books.  I don't have a kindle and I'm kinda embarrassed to walk around the lake house with the books (where I do all of my reading and where MY PARENTS are always around).  No thanks,  I really don't want that awkward conversation with my dad when he asks me..."what are you reading?  What's it abaht? (Pittsburgh accent)"

So anyway, this past week was an insanely busy cookie week.  I couldn't help but notice that I used an awful lot of yellow food coloring.  I have a bunch of different yellow food colorings...electric yellow, egg yellow, lemon yellow, soft yellow, gold, etc.  It was funny....because usually when I make a shade of a certain color for one project, I can usually use it for another project, too so it cuts down on how many times I have to mix each color.  But not this week!  Every cookie needed a different shade of yellow and there was no cross-use of any shades. 

the onesie and carriage were part of a set....but I actually made 2 shades of yellow for that project because the first shade was too light....so I had to re-make it. :(

I got smart and made the Penguins cookies on a 5 inch cookie.  Much much easier to decorate the details.

But even with all of that yellow icing it was definitely not all sunshine around here this week.  One of the cookies pictured in these collages made me break down in tears and cry.  Can you guess which one?  Seriously, you'll never guess.

It was this guy:
Winnie. the. freaking. pooh.

Can't understand why icing these cookies made me cry?  Maybe this will help.  Here's a challenge for you:
1.  Google image search "Winnie the Pooh" or grab a Winnie the Pooh book or toy or something that's laying around your house.
2. OK, now get a pencil and paper and try to draw Winnie the Pooh's head.  Does it look kind of weird?  That's because this cartoon has the weirdest shaped head EVER!  It's so lumpy I just can't stand it.
3.  Now that you maybe sort of kinda have the shape right.....draw it 50 more times exactly the same.
4. Seriously if you can do that, you need to contact me asap for a job.

And even after you get the head shape (somewhat) right, now there's the task of adding the face.  His face is sooooo simple that it's ridiculously hard.  There's just no disguising any errors and there's only one color involved so it's nearly impossible to add depth or detail. To make it even more complicated....this order was for the baby version of Winnie the Pooh...so the face is just slightly different then the regular Winnie the Pooh.

To put it simply, this guy is one tough cookie.  I really did cry...you can ask my husband.  He walked into my decorating area and probably immediately regretted it because I just broke down and cried for like 5 minutes straight.  And really....Rob's so not-artistic (not that I am, but for real, he can barely draw a stick figure) so he didn't even know what to say.  It was a rough night in our house.  Was the cookie a success? Who knows.  I looked at it for so long that I don't even know if I like it or not at this point.

And just in case you were wondering...I also made lots of cookies with other colors this week, too!  Head over to my facebook page and check out all of the new pictures. Thanks for reading!