Cookie Shop - Week 21!

Wow....just wow.  I'm so overwhelmed with nerves and anxiety.  I cannot BELIEVE that we're only 6 days away from opening the doors for business! So at some point over the last 2 weeks a major transformation happened.  I'm not sure if it was one thing....or a combination of a few things....but one day I walked into the shop and it really felt like a bakery.  It had completely lost it's identity of a construction site and had become exactly what I had dreamed up months ago.  I think I lost my breath for a moment on that day....because it's just so hard to believe.

Since my last post we really had some major milestones for the shop.  In a matter of 4 days we passed the final electrical inspection, plumbing inspection, occupancy inspection, AND health inspection.  Talk about a stressful few days!  Just last week, on the day before Christmas Eve, I picked up my final permit from Bethel Park and I was smiling SO big when I left that office....mainly because I'm so glad that that part of the process is OVER....and also a sense....I won.  And anyone who knows the entire situation can understand what I mean when I say that ;)

When it was time to move all of my cookie-stuff into the shop it was so so weird.  I never realized that I had a favorite butter knife that I used to level measuring cups....or that my one measuring spoon was so worn that you couldn't even read what measurement it I had no clue how much of a certain ingredient I was even using!  I've been in the habit of washing icing bowls a particular way for years...and now that's different.  I had a spot near my toaster where I always kept my oven mit....and that spot isn't there at the new place so now my oven mit is always somewhere different.  In a way it's really cool to have a place where I can figure out exactly what I want to do....but it's frustrating and kind of annoying, too.....because I'm a creature of habit and the changes are driving me nuts!

The bakery isn't the only thing that's gone through a big transition.  At home....MY DINING ROOM IS BACK!!! It's been almost three years since we've had a normal dining room that Mia didn't call "mommy's office".  All of the baking-stuff is gone and we were able to enjoy our Christmas brunch with all of Mia's grandparents at the dining room table.  It was so so nice!  Speaking of my's finally looking like a normal house again and not a storage facility.  We had cases of bakery-stuff in every single room and it was driving me crazy.  But we spent a few days just making trips to/from the bakery with random boxes of stuff....and finally it's almost all moved.

I got a letter in the mail this week that I passed my food safety certification class with a 93%.  For not having taken a test in over a decade I think a 93% is amazing....and I'm pretty proud :)

I've done a TON more shopping for supplies and inventory lately.  Rob and I went down to the strip district one day last week and bought so many things in bulk.  I've been using a lot of things in "Sam's Club bulk" for some time now....but when you go up another level to "restaurant-sized-bulk" it's hilarious.  Like the one guy in the strip was loading FIFTY 50 pound bags of flour into his suburban.  I'm in a whole new league now I suppose....

We stocked up on random things like spoons and thermometers, paper cups and lids, a wet-floor sign, garbage know....super-exciting stuff.  And then of course we bought lots and lots of butter and flour, eggs, a few gallons of vanilla, 25 pounds of chocolate chips,  a bucket of baking powder....things that when I sit back and think about how in a normal household people have one of those tiny tiny cans of baking powder and they may never ever use the whole thing!  And I'll go through a bucket of it in a matter of weeks or months.  It's just a funny transition from household to bakery.

The final decorative touches are really looking fabulous at the shop.  I'm not going to post anymore pictures until opening day so you'll just have to wait :)  But I am so in love with how the shop is amazingly beautiful and I can't wait for you to see it!

The signage for the shop is almost complete.  The pole sign is finally working and that's awesome news!  It looks so great!  The only thing left are the door decals.....I just wasn't happy with the first ones that the sign company applied.  So we're getting them re-done.  I'm pretty sure that all of the contractors can't stand my pickiness at this point.  But I don't really care....because I have been dreaming about this place for so long, I'm going to make it as perfect as I can!

Make sure that you follow me on twitter!  I'm going to start tweeting this week!  @givemiacookie

We had an AWESOME photo-shoot at the shop with Nick from Photos By Nick.  Here's one of the product shots....stay tuned for more!

Also...stay tuned for another post early this week with details about opening day!

Thanks!  Hope you all had a great Christmas!