Baby Love

It's cookie orders have taken over.  Baby showers are definitely the most common event type that I'm asked to  make cookies for.  Just in the past three weeks I've made cookies for 8 eight showers!

Obviously I love babies so it's super fun for me to design and make these cookies.  A lot of customers just ask for the basic onesies and strollers in pink or blue, and a lot of times they ask for the polka dot design because for some reason people think that these polka dots look magical.  I mean, it is really cool that the polka dots aren't a raised design, but that they are embedded into the base color so that it almost gives the effect of being a printed fabric.  It's great for me that this is so popular because I'm familiar with doing it....and familiarity brings a lot of low-stress cookie weeks.  And low-stress cookie weeks mean that I get to be nice to my husband and sometimes make dinner.  This week I made oatmeal raisin cookies for dinner.  What?

So here's a sample of some of the baby cookies that I've done recently. Enjoy :)

I loved these primary jungle colors.  Fun!

A "match the invite" project from last month


Another "match the invite" challenge!

Here's the invitation!  Love that ribbon!

I just loved the red with the baby blue.  Very pretty

Very modern orange and grey

Gotta love some chevrron onesies!

Polka dot onesies are always a favorite!

Classic baby blue

I used that baby blue/red combination to make these baseball themed baby cookies.  Love them!

For a little All-Star :)
Football baby cookies for a tailgate-themed baby shower