Blame it on the rain

OK, so be honest.  When you read that post title did you
      a. start singing Milli Vanilli. 
      b. think about the episode of Doc McStuffins where the neighbor girl leaves her stuffed cow toy outside
          in the rain


Did you ever notice how many things people blame on the rain?  Like just last week when I was complaining to my mom about how my 2 year old was being sooooo crazy misbehaved and not listening to a single word I said and hitting me and whining and not wanting to go to bed and giving me mean looks and know, being 2...and my mom was all like...."Well it's probably just the rain."  Umm, what?  That's all you got?  Thanks, mom. 

Now unlike blaming crankiness on the rain, I had a problem this week that was actually the rain's fault.  You see, humidity and cookie icing, they're not friends.  Especially when we're talking about black and white icing.  And of course this rainy Pittsburgh week is when I had an order for black and white zebra print cookies.  So I did the best I could by trying to eliminate as much of the humidity as possible from the cookie environment.  But it didn't matter.  This is what I ended up with: can't see the problem?  OK look a little bit closer:

See that color bleeding?  That's the worst.  The first time I ever saw it I thought I was drunk and seeing things all blurry.  But no, it's a real cookie problem.  It's so annoying to put so much time into a cookie design and then let it dry for 8 hours to finally reveal a major problem like this.  And let me tell you...zebra print takes a longggggg time to do.
So the new calm me decided to just fix it and not totally freak out.  There's (almost) always a way to fix a cookie.  I fear the day that I am faced with a cookie that I can't help. 

So my solution was to outline the black one more time and cover the area that had bled.  I actually think that the extra black outline really defines the zebra print and now I think I'll add it onto every zebra print cookie that I make!

I totally feel like the Doc McStuffins for cookies by the way :)  (Don't know who that is?  Think I'm crazy?  Welcome to the world of having a toddler....where you watch Disney Jr. and get excited about a new episode of a cartoon that features talking stuffed animals.)

Have a great week!