Brand spankin' new

I love cookie weeks when all of the orders are for new designs that I've never done before.  I love a challenge!  This week didn't let me down.  I had three orders and wow....they couldn't have been more different!

Let's begin with the goats....yes GOATS, as in the farm animal.  These weren't quite as easy as I thought they might's something about outlining the head of an animal that is just really difficult for me.  Like whenever I was a kid and I would attempt to draw a dog, the head would always be this super-weird shape.  Am I the only one?  Please someone tell me they have this problem, too.  Well I thought these turned out pretty cute....they were shipped to North Carolina for a bridal shower.  Apparently there's a back-story to why this particular customer wanted goat cookies for a bridal shower....but I have yet to hear it. (Ahem, everyone is wondering!)  I took one picture of the goats on a tray but I completely forgot to photograph them once they were bagged with a ribbon and a tag.  I've been really bad about remembering to take pictures lately.  You'd think that Rob could help with that (Rob, my husband, who is Give Mia Cookie's self-proclaimed "tech-guy" who has yet to send one email, upload a single photograph, spell-check any blogs, or trouble-shoot any lap-top issues.  I think he just wants to weasel himself onto the payroll.  It ain't happening.)  So are the goats! 

I asked for my boss' opinion on these....and she(Mia) said "ILLY GOATS!"  Billy Goats, awesome!  Come to think of it she may have been saying Silly Goats.  Ehh...either way she said goats...that's a win in my book. 

 The next order was originally for teddy bear cookies....but the customer changed her mind about a week before the event and decided on train cookies instead.  "No Problem!" I tell her.  (I say that a lot and then usually stress out later.)  So when I went looking for my train cookie cutter it was missing.  M.I.A. as we call it our house because usually Mia has something to do with it.  But I have to blame myself for this one because my cookie cutters are completely off limits to Mia.  I ended up ordering a new train cutter and it arrived just in time to do the order.  These cookies were quite large...and so cute....and very yummy, too.  They were for a baby shower and I just wish that I had known the baby's name because I think it would've looked so cute written on it.  It's not often that you have a cookie that's large enough to accommodate a lot of letters and this one would've been perfect!  I thought of it too late....maybe next time.

For those of you who haven't seen my new logo stickers!  Love them :)

And finally....the last order of the week was for superhero cookies.  Something that is so completely foreign to me as I grew up one of three girls, don't have any sons, and I don't like action movies or comic books.  I have a feeling that I'll get some more orders for these, though because apparently superheroes are crazy popular these days.  Who knew?  I'm pretty happy with the end result on all 4 designs.  Can you believe that the most difficult one was the Captain America shield?  I looks so simple...but trust me, it wasn't. 
All of this in just one week...geez I'm tired. 
I can't tell you how happy I am that March is here....that means that Spring is right around the corner...and that means that Easter will be here very soon!  If you'd like to order Easter cookies please contact me ASAP.  March and April calendars are filling up quickly. 

Happy weekend everyone!