Bucco baseball

Lots and lots of requests for Pittsburgh Pirate cookies lately.  The only reason I would ever go to a Pirate game is to eat ballpark food.  Did you know that you can get all-you-can-eat seats????  If I wouldn't be so super-embarrassed about  people seeing how many rounds of nachos I would order then I would so be a season ticket holder in that section.  But with my luck they'd put my picture on the jumbo-tron and keep a tally of how much I've eaten.  I just can't subject myself to that possibility.

So back to the Pirate cookies (even though I'm totally wanting some nachos right now even while typing this at 9 am).  Apparently the Pirates are having a really great season...which is a real surprise because any other summer in the past 20 years you really wouldn't even hear a peep about baseball in this town.  I mean,  people wait to go to Steelers training camp because we're just all so ready for baseball season to be over.  And even when football season comes around some people are just so thrilled that it's that much closer to hockey season!  I know that there are some die-hard Pirate fans out there...and man, you must all be so mad about all of this fair-weather fan-ness going on right now.  You've been committed fans for all of these bad seasons and now you've got these random people doing some Zoltan sign in your face(I still don't get that by the way).  If I were you, I'd be super annoyed.   So these cookies are for you....the REAL Pirate fans who have supported the team with or without all of the wins. (i.e. my dad, who makes us watch every single game on the only tv at the lake.  Watching baseball on tv = instantly falling asleep for me)  I'm not one of you because clearly I like nachos and ice cream and fireworks night more than baseball. 

And here's a promise....if the Pirates make the playoffs or post-season or whatever it's called when you're doing good in baseball then I'll make some Zoltan cookies and do a giveaway on the blog.  So stay tuned for that!

And for those of you who just wait for football and hockey season here's a picture for you, too.  Please don't judge my work by those Penguins cookies.  I literally wanted to rip my hair out trying to do that logo on a 4-inch cookie.  Next time I'll definitely make them bigger so I can get the details more accurate!