Cookie Shop - Week 12!

A lot can change in a few short weeks!  Construction at the shop is well underway and I couldn't be more excited.  I finally received my building permit on October 2....after 7 weeks of waiting and a stressful battle which I thought was going to result in a lawsuit.  I had completely hit an emotional low on the morning of October 2nd....I had ended up at my neighbor and good friend's house just crying on her shoulder....seriously thinking that this whole project had hit a wall and wouldn't go forward.  I was devastated.

But I picked myself up and fought for myself and for my business.  I found strength to stand up for myself and like Rob says...."I turned into a pit bull".  Right now I'd like to focus on the positive and not remember the rough road that it took to get that permit....eventually I'll have time to tell the whole story...but for now let's focus on what's been going on since that day!

As soon as I had that orange permit in the window things just kicked into overdrive.  I immediately ordered all of my plumbing supplies and some of my equipment.  We bought the lumber and started on the framing....we set up the starting dates for the plumber and electrician.  I finalized the contract for the signage and we are pretty close to finalizing the designs for that, too!  The framing is now complete and the plumber is starting this week.  Here are some updated pics!

always an adventure when an 18-wheeler arrives to make a delivery!

here comes the refrigerator! do we get this thing inside?  2 hours later Rob and I managed to get it in the doors and off the pallet.  NOT an easy task!

shiny new things!

1 sink...
2 sink.....3 sink.....4 sink.....and there's a 5th sink that wasn't photographed!
huggggge refrigerator!

Mia fits in the sink!  Perfect for when I'm working late nights at the bakery....I'll just bathe her there!  KIDDING!
This little lady thinks that she's the boss....

she'll show you exactly what needs to be done....

she's just so proud of the store already!

I have the best family ever!  There's my dad and my Uncle Tim!

hard at work!

the walls are finally going up!

measure twice, cut once!
there's Neil! (my cousin-in-law)

Neil and his father-in-law.  Love the family bonding going on here :)

Neil is so excited about cookies I guess!

this is part of the counter-top area....which caused a huge family debate by the way....when Mia finally chimed in amongst all of the yelling and said "It's MOMMY'S bakery so build it the way she wants!  That's the point!"

framing the half-wall

Tom's super great at bossing people!

the new back wall.....this is where the big oven will go!

there's Rob! 

the 2nd entrance to the kitchen....extra wide so that all of the equipment will fit!

this is how I show up to build.  Flip-Flops are super-safe, right?

Mia hates the loud noises sometimes!  

Mia is a really great helper!  She sweeps the floor and loves to peel up the blue tape.  

And this picture pretty much sums up the situation....trying to build a bakery while having a 3 year old around!