Cookie Shop - Week 14!

The stuff I've been fearing the most....the expensive parts of the renovation that are really intrusive and not so much fun.  The part when all of the $ I'm spending will be hidden inside the walls in the form of pipes, cords, and a grease trap that I never wanted to own! (Bet you don't want to own a grease trap either!)

So the first stages of the plumbing and electrical are complete.  We really dodged a bullet with the plumbing because we were able to access a sewer line that was miraculously located under the floor 6 feet closer than we thought it was.  So we didn't have to trench across the floor and really screw up the existing flooring.  Thank goodness!  And the electrical went really smoothly, too. All of my diligent planning is really starting to pay off because I know every single inch of those walls and floors....and I know exactly where stuff is supposed to go.  
So here are some updated pics of the remodel. Tomorrow is inspection #1 with Bethel Park.  We already passed county plumbing inspection and electrical inspection.....but this next one will give us the go-ahead to drywall this weekend.  And then the fun really begins!   Paint, countertops, fixtures, tables, chairs....the pretty stuff!

shiny new bakery case is a perfect fit!  Traveled all the way from WV :)

Drywall is nexttttt! yayyyy!!!  walls!!!
During these past few weeks I've also been working like crazy on website content, ordering supplies,  making signage decisions, designing uniform shirts, mugs, stickers, bakery bags, just so much stuffffff.
And I've been trying to nail down my grand opening date.  It's tentatively scheduled for Saturday January 4th.....but I'm still considering some things before I commit to that I'll keep ya posted!
Mia is really being a trooper every day as our schedule just gets crazier and crazier each minute.  She loves going to the shop to check on the progress of things....but she's 3....she doesn't understand why everything takes so much time.  I'm with her....I'm all about immediate results and this game of waiting on contractors, waiting on inspections, waiting on permit....after permit....after exhausting. But we'll get there!! "One step at a time" we keep saying to each other!
Thanks everyone for following along with my journey!
omg I've aged during this process.  :(