Cookie Shop - Week 15!

What a difference some drywall makes!

We've been busy this past week....and the transformation of the space is undeniable.  It is so exciting to really start seeing the vision come to life....all of the measuring and planning and re-measuring, and changing the plans again and again and again is starting to make sense...and really pay off.  I love my walls!!!!

I am so extremely thankful for my family and for all of their help.  We had some fun times and good laughs over the weekend while hanging drywall.  One thing that we all have in common is that we like to irritate my dad...and that's hilarious.  But seriously, everyone worked so hard and all of their hard work paid off because we passed drywall inspection and now it's time for the finisher to come in and prepare the drywall for paint.  I have to pick paint colors and I'm so stressed about it....wish me luck!!!

Some updated pics for ya:

the 1st piece!

I love to help!

2 brothers working hard :)

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the windows!

parent of the year award for Mia the ipad and she curls up on the floor

...she looks pretty happy to me!

the one 4-inch piece of drywall that Neil and Rob were allowed to cut/place on their own. Such pride.

love this picture!  Father and son-in-laws

we made Rob go up in the attic....

he wasn't happy about it.

Mia loves the walls, too!  She can't wait to paint them!

There's me making important decisions.  My brain hurts...too much thinking sometimes.

Mia made a big slide for her dolls out of a ladder and a roll of paper....  

it kept her busy for at least 19 minutes...which is an eternity in my world.

me and my Mia on the day of drywall step closer to opening the doors to our cookie shop!