Cookie shop - week 4?

Wow, have we really had posession of the store for 4 weeks already? That's hard to believe! We're still waiting for building permits....hoping that those will be issued asap. Until then all we can do is continue to plan and shop around for equipment, fixtures, tables, etc. But it wouldn't be smart to purchase everything until the plans are approved...JUST IN CASE we may have to change some things and then some of the equipment, fixtures, etc. wouldn't fit. So we're still playing the waiting game on a lot of things. And that frustrates me to no end. I like to impulsively buy stuff so to hold back on that is like torture for me. But it's great for the bank account I suppose!

 We have made progress on demolition. There were some minor partition walls that had to come down to make room for the new walls, so Mia and I got a chance to help swing some hammers. She LOVED it! We also layed out the new floor plan to see it in place. It will be so exciting when the walls actually go up! I've been doing a lot of "figuring stuff out" when it comes to little things at the shop. Learning which switches turn which lights on, what the different noises of the traffic is like, how the locks and timers and door knobs and faucets all work. You know, the little things that you learn every day. And I have begun to get mail at the shop, which is really fun! But not really, because it's all been bills. But that's to be expected.

We are almost done with the new pricing structure. I've put a lot of thought into this because I wanted the pricing to be fair, concise, and clear. With the product being so custom, there are a lot of factors that go into the I want it to make sense for you, the customers. And there will be non-custom options for purchase, too! Which is a whole new ball-game for me. So I'm taking my time and being order to create the best experience for all of you.

 Other than that, I'm just making list after list after list of things to do once those permits are issued. Once that happens I'll have a much better idea of when the ordering will open back up for October, November, December. Please don't think that I don't want to take your orders for those months....I'm just SO unsure about the timeline until we get our permits. I don't want to agree to do something until I know 100% that I can actually do I can be most fair to you!

Did I mention that we REALLY need those asap? I feel like a broken record!

 Until next time! -k