Cookies for a fellow blogger!

It's kind of of a big deal to start your own website.  I know that there's a lot of space out there on the Internets but's sorta fun to own your own little corner and be funny and entertain people and stuff.  NO, I'm not talking about me!!!  I'm hardly funny and my entertainment factor is questionable.  Unless you think it's entertaining to read about my crying over cookies.  OK, that is kinda funny. Seriously....what is wrong with meeeee?

I do happen to know some really funny people...and one of them is a very entertaining blogger named Kelly.  Kelly and I went to high school together years ago.  How many years ago I won't say...but I will admit that technology back then wasn't quite sophisticated.  The cool way to listen to music was on your disc-man, computer class was basically about how to use Microsoft Paint, and ...wait for it....high schoolers didn't have cell phones. All of the cool kids had pagers...but my dad wouldn't let me have one because he told me that pagers were only for drug dealers and doctors. I was neither if you were wondering. Technology sure has changed since then.  I think you can even go to high school like virtually or something.  Weird.  But back to the point... Kelly, would you have ever thought that we could each one day own a part of the Internet?  Crazy stuff.

So you really do have to follow Kelly's blog. In the Mom Light is an awesome way to escape the daily pressures and struggles of being a mom.  It gives you a chance to laugh at some crazy kid stories, too!  I'm not going to spoil the fun for you...just go check it out! 

So I'm pretty sure that people from Bethel Park, PA are some of the nicest people ever because another one of our high school friends wanted to send some cookies to Kelly to celebrate the birth of In the Mom Light.  That's where I came in.  I had such a fun time creating these cookies for Kelly.  I just love the design of her colors, too!

You can find In the Mom Light on facebook here: In The Mom Light
Congratulations, Kelly!