No, there wasn't a fire in my kitchen.....although it certainly looked like it the other day.  I spilled about a pound of powdered sugar all over the place and it looked like someone had used a fire extinguisher. Everything...and I mean EVERYTHING was coated in white.  I'm totally convinced that powdered sugar is the worst thing that one can possibly spill in their kitchen.  If you think that you know of something worse please leave it in the comments section.  Hearing your stories might just make me feel better about having to waste a good two hours detailing my mixer and getting the powder out of my dishwasher vents with a q-tip.  Ugh.

Anyway....I made some cookies last week that got shipped all the way to Texas for a 30th birthday party.  These were for a real-life firefighter!  And I bet they have a lot of fires in Texas because omg...that place is hot!