Foxy and Roxy

This is our first year having Roxy (the Elf on the Shelf) living with us.  Mia loves her so much, although you can always see a bit of annoyance in Mia's eyes when she wakes up to find that Roxy has been playing with one of her toys overnight. 

So these days, it's been extremely difficult to impress Mia with my cookie designs.  She's kinda over it, much like most kids probably feel about their parents' professions.  I mean, my husband works in a toy factory for crying out'd think she'd go to school and be all chatty about how cool her mom and dad are.  But no, she goes to school and tells her teachers all about how we eat macaroni and cheese sometimes. Really, Mia?  Nothing more exciting than that???

But these cookies....these ones really caught Mia's attention.  I knew that this cookie request would be coming as soon as the holiday season approached and I couldn't wait to make them.  Here they are...

Elf on the Shelf cookies!



"HI!  I'm Foxy!"

I named our cookie elf "Foxy" and Mia thought that was hilarious.  And Foxy is quite funny and witty....much like our beloved Roxy.  Here's just a few of the things that Foxy's been up to:

" Hey good lookin'! " (This placement of Roxy was completely Rob's idea by the way)

Having a chocolate snack

Trying to blend in

Foxy's new friends

"Santa won't eat me though, right?  RIGHT?"

Doing some research

Trying to tie up one of his friends?? 

Foxy snuck onto Mia's play cookie tray!  She was shocked!

Layla sniffed out Foxy....and we were pretty close to losing her to our cookie-loving doggy!

Happy Holidays everyone!  14 days until Christmas!!!!!!!