Give Mia Cookie's 1st Charitable Contribution!

I'm a true believer in giving back.  Period.  In the few short months since I've started Give Mia Cookie I've had such amazing and extraordinary feedback and support.  My family, my friends, and total strangers have reached out to encourage me, help to spread the word about my business, give my products a try, comment and "like" my photos on facebook, and even by reading this blog!  It is beyond exciting for me to see the number of blog views increase post by post and every single comment that I receive on facebook really drives me to keep going.  Because trust me...every day of doing this cookie business is a challenge and I need all of the help that I can get!

My best friend Mike recently asked me to do a donation for an organization that he supports whole-heartedly, The Best Buddies of Pennsylvania.  The Best Buddies organization supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and gives them amazing opportunities to grow and learn.  Please take a moment to check out their website!  They always have great events going on and chances to volunteer your time and/or donate money.  This particular event is the "Life is Sweet Chef Showcase"  Hmmm....Life is Sweet....I'd say that cookies would be a good fit!

I was so interested in making a donation, but so hesitant at the same time.  I have a serious problem underestimating myself and not believing that people would actually be interested in my product.  Mike had mentioned a cookie basket for the Chinese auction and my immediate thought was "No one is going to put their tickets in for my basket!"  And then I had a panic attack thinking about my lone basket sitting there at the end of the event because no one wanted it.  But then Mike promised me that he would put his tickets in for my basket :)  What a great friend!

I decided to go with a fall theme and I'm so so happy with the end result.  I made caramel chocolate pecan cookies, molasses cookies, and of course SUGAR COOKIES, too!  The basket came together really nicely (I've been making chocolate gift baskets for over 10 years so I have TONS of practice in basket compilation).   All in of my favorite projects yet.  As I continue to grow this business I hope to be able to contribute to lots of great causes and feels really great!   The event is tonight so please keep your fingers crossed that someone OTHER than Mike wins my basket.  And if you happen to be attending this event....pleeeeease drop some tickets in to win this!  Thanks :)