Good chemistry


Did you read that up there?  That's sugar!

I recently had a cookie request for a middle school science competition....cookies decorated with a sugar molecule on them ....get it?  SUGAR cookies with a SUGAR molecule on them? I'm no scientist but I definitely thought that it was a cute idea.  After seeing the image of a sugar molecule I kinda got scared. There was a lot of detail and I just COULDN'T get it wrong.  I mean, for all I know one little extra hydrogen dot and it could be a gasoline molecule....or like...a nail polish remover molecule....and who would want to eat that?  I was extra careful in counting all of my dots and  think that these turned out pretty cute.  Can you say time consuming?  Ummm, yes.

So these cookies really made me reflect on the chemistry aspect of this cookie venture of mine.  I have to say that I never even thought about the very specific chemistry of ingredients and chemical reactions that make these cookies's really amazing!  And then after approximately 2 minutes of reflection... the idea of trying to understand the chemistry of baking went right up there on the shelf with understanding how fax machines work and the fact that some people don't like chocolate.  The shelf of things beyond my comprehension. 

Thanks for reading!  And by the way....I was in advanced chemistry in high school....and I was really really bad at it.  I even had my "lab license" revoked. lol.  Look at me now, BPHS!