Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very FUN and SAFE St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!  God, I'm old.  I can't believe that I just said a SAFE St. Patrick's Day.  Back when I used to really celebrate this holiday if someone told me to "be safe on St. Patrick's Day" I would've laughed hysterically until I fell off my bar stool and spilled a green Bud Light all over myself. 

But times have changed...I'm a responsible adult now(lol)....and I just make cute St. Patrick's day cookies to celebrate the Irish.  No more green beer or green shots for me...and no more green hangovers(don't miss those).

To those who can still handle the all day beer/parade/loud bands/corned beef & cabbage(yuck)...you enjoy yourselves.  Live it up!  Happy St. Patrick's day!

Maybe I will have a green beer this year after all....