IMPORTANT information re: 2013 ordering

Unfortunately, I will not be taking any Holiday/Christmas cookie orders for this season (2013)....and I'm really sad about it! Here are the specifics:

With the timeline of the store opening being very up-in-the-air for the past few months I have been continuing to take cookie orders through the first week of December.  But now that we have an anticipated opening date of January 4th, it's unrealistic to think that I'll be able to be able to accommodate orders for the busiest cookie season just 15 days before the grand opening.   This is the exact timing-issue that we were trying to avoid....but delays with permits, etc. have put us in this position...and now it just is what it is.

I know it's probably very difficult for you to understand.....and trust me, this was a very difficult decision to make. If you've ever worked in a retail store during it's grand opening weeks then you KNOW what I'm facing here.....days and days of preparation and time needed to work out any operational kinks to make sure that things will run smoothly.  There will be last-minute demands and tasks that I'll need to be present for.....and it's important that I focus my time and efforts during the month of December on these types of things.  On top of all of's logistically impossible to run this business from 2 different even if all of my deliveries of equipment and supplies arrive on time then I'll still need to be moving everything to the new location once the finishing touches are done on the remodel.  And there's absolutely no way to know when the finishes will be complete.....we've got weather that could be an normal delays with inspections, permits, etc.  If you've ever witnessed the building of a home or business then you understand how these types of delays can be completely out of your control.  And I've gotta roll with it.

I only get one shot at opening my dream-store up to my own personal standards(which are extremely high!).....and I have to give it all I've got!  So I hope you can understand....and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support thus far. This has been the hardest thing I've ever done and every decision has been painstakingly thought through.  So here are some important things to know:

  • October and November cookie calendars are completely booked.  If we have emailed to confirm a date then your spot is held.   Otherwise I am so sorry, but there are no more openings for orders for these months.
  • I have orders booked for the first weekend in December, and if you and I have emailed to discuss these specific events then of course I am honoring that confirmation.  Please contact me if you have any questions/concerns about your confirmed booking.
  • I will not be taking ANY orders from December 9th through January 13th.  If you are interested in placing an order for a date after January 13th then please email me.  Original pricing will be honored for all currently confirmed orders.  All orders beginning in 2014 will fall under the new pricing structure, which will be posted on the Give Mia Cookie website once it is ready. 
There are so many exciting things that will come with this store opening.  I have special ideas in mind for all of my loyal customers who have supported me thus far.  I promise to update you just as often as I can.  
Thank you Thank you Thank you!