It was my idea

Well I suppose that most bloggers post their July 4th desserts prior to the holiday because they've had so much time to create mock trials of each ingredient and photograph it a week before their picnic.  Well that's obviously not me because here it is July 5th and I'm posting my picnic desserts from yesterday.  Whatevs.

So here's the story of my July 4th desserts.  I've been seeing a lot of creative cookie cutter uses on Pinterest lately.  I knew that I wanted to make a pound cake strawberry shortcake for my family picnic but it sounded kinda boring, ya know?  Well all I did was just cut a couple of slices of pound cake into stars and displayed them with the regular slices of cake.  My family pretty much thought I was a genius....either that or they overly compliment me because they think I'm insane and need the kindness.   Again, whatevs.

almond pound cake, vanilla frozen yogurt, Cool Whip, strawberries, and a cookie! A classic 4th of July dessert!

Mia's dessert.  She got sprinkles :)

So the morning of the 4th I was crazy busy working on other cookie orders.  Unlike most other people my place of work did not shut down when the holiday fell on a Wednesday. (Was it super weird that it was on a Wednesday this year or is it just me?).  Anyway, we were sitting at the breakfast table enjoying our red/white/blue pancakes courtesy of Rob, and I'm like "I think I should make cookies for today, too."  I mean I had like no extra time but I just knew that I had to make cookies because when I show up somewhere or have people at my house  they kind of expect it I think.  Like if I walk in empty-handed someone will ask me..."Do you need help getting anything from the car?" or when they walk in my house and I say I didn't make cookies people just kinda of stare at me and don't really know what to say.  It's uncomfortable and I know it's my fault because I have always gone overboard with cookies for family events and that can't just stop because I have to make hundreds for other people these days.

So I'm like....ok I'll just make some really basic cookies....but I ask Mia and Rob for some design ideas just to get some input.  I don't like to repeat holiday designs year to year so I wanted to do something a little bit fun.  So Rob says the word "Paisley" and I kind of shrug it off...but on the inside I just loved the idea.  Sometimes I like to act like I don't hear some of the ideas that he has and then hours later I'll act like I came up with the best idea ever and it makes him so mad.  That's marriage for ya. So back to the point....Paisley was my idea.

I had no plan going into designing these....literally we're talking 15 minutes of decorating time.  But like I always say....sometimes quick thinking and limited time to work create the best results.

Hope everyone had a fantastic July 4th!  I guess I'll try to plan ahead for Labor Day designs....any ideas from you?  Leave me a comment!