Let's talk numbers here....

This week I made 315 sugar cookies, 60 oatmeal raisin, 46 chocolate chip, 80 peanut butter, 36 snickerdoodles, and 30 thumbprints....not that I was counting or anything (see previous post about excessive counting).

 Now I know that I've made these popcorn cookies before....but as I was making them this time I just couldn't help but keep a tally of the different step of the process....

80 popcorn cookies=
400 filled stripes of red/white icing
80 filled yellow circles
440 iced pieces of popcorn, each one carefully "buttered" (an average of 5.5 pieces of popcorn per cookie)
560 letters piped (640 if you count the hyphen)

I'm tired today.....but I've got some challenging things on the schedule for this week so I don't have long to rest....not to mention my 20 month old who wants to play Memory 322 times per day(I counted). Wish me luck!
Make sure to check out the facebook page to see all of the pictures of last week's cookies!