Love Love Love....Chocolate

It seems that every year I grow to love Valentine's Day more and more.  So to all of you young readers who dislike this holiday....give it time.  I think you'll grow to love it, too.

In the cookie world Valentine's Day is like a free pass to mix pretty shades of pink and red and just go crazy with decorating!  There's no way that you can mess up a cookie because all mistakes can be covered in sprinkles and no one will judge you!  More is more when it comes to Valentine's Day cookies...and that makes me happy.

I don't know if there's anything more classic than the the pairing of Valentine's Day and Chocolate.  Whoever thought of this perfect match is a true hero in my eyes.  Was is St. Valentine?  Hmmm....I vaguely remember learning about the history of St. Valentine during my 8 years at St. Valentine school....and yes, chocolate was mentioned I'm pretty sure.  I'm lying.  But I like to believe that it's true...because if they say it at church then it's like a free pass to eat a lot of chocolate...right?
chocolate dough is so pretty!
and scalloped edged cutters are my absolute fave!
When I thought about creating Valentine's Day cookies I just HAD to make some chocolate cookies to ice and photograph.  I have a recipe for chocolate cut-out cookies but they always come out really crispy(which I don't love).  So...I spent my Saturday afternoon adjusting my standard cookie recipe and turning it into a chocolate sugar cookie!  I managed to get the flavor realllllly good and the cookie baked up beautifully with  slightly crispy edges and a yummy soft texture.  The only thing I wasn't thrilled with is the color of the baked cookie.  It just wasn't dark I'll keep working on that by making more adjustments next time.

Gotta love the pink and red combination!

I had so much fun decorating these cookies.  The icing colors looked so pretty against the chocolate cookie!  And look at how pretty they look on a dish with some Betsy Ann Chocolates?  I know what you're thinking....and yes, I usually do have chocolate in my house at all times.  And cookies, too.  It's bad news for any attempt at a diet.  But I never have a hard time finding a babysitter due to the snacks that I it all works out.

So there's good news and bad news about Valentine's Day cookies.  The good news?  They're pretty and taste great, and who wouldn't love to get cookies for Valentine's Day?

The bad news?  My order openings on my schedule are very limited.  Don't forget that I work for a chocolate store full-time....the BEST chocolate store we're very very VERY busy the week of Valentine's Day.  Needless to say, the time that I can dedicate to cookies that week is very limited.  So if you're interested in ordering please contact me asap and I will let you know if I can do it!  Thanks for reading XO, Katie


Non-Pariel favorite sprinkles EVER

these cupcake candy dishes were a 2011 Valentine's gift from Rob...awwwww