Mickey Mouse cookies have been in high demand lately!  Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse?? 

There's so many garbage cartoons on TV these days....it's really refreshing to know that Mickey is still well-loved by so many kids.  Mia sure loves Mickey's clubhouse!  But that Toodles-thing-guy-animal(whatever it is) is super annoying...couldn't they just put the Mousekatools in a normal tool box or something?  And am I the only parent who sometimes can't guess which tool their supposed to use for a certain dilemma?  I'm always like "oh they definitely need the mystery mousekatool here"....but NO!  They always find a way to save that mystery tool til the end.  Smart little buggers.
And really...whose kid doesn't love the hot-dog dance?  Seriously funny stuff to watch Mia (and Rob) dance along with that song.  Fun times :)
Happy Monday everyone!  Have a great week!  I've got a big weekend ahead and some really fun cookies to make for someone VERY VERY special.  Stay tuned....
Thanks for reading!  -Katie