Making the cut

Hi cookie lovers :)

So I've been in the best mood lately....I started going to Hot Yoga classes and I'm really starting to love it!  I'm kinda afraid that my entire household might start falling apart and that Mia will stop recognizing me, though.  I mean, before these Yoga classes came into my life I was NEVER away from my house, my child, my husband, and my iphone for an entire hour. No, I'm not exaggerating.  Plus, I'm one of those people that has a brain that never stops going.  I knew that Yoga would be a challenge for me because it dares me to only think about breathing and stuff....not even think about cookies....for a whole hour.  It's crazy how after just 4 or 5 classes it's totally starting to work.  And I enjoy it!  And Rob actually told me that I'm nicer.  Really, Rob?  Is that a compliment?  Truly, though....I do find myself being more tolerant and patient.  And who couldn't use more tolerance and patience in their lives?  I know that all of you who have a 2-year old just yelled AMENNNNNNN at your computer screen.

So when it comes to the cookie business I've had this great attitude of just accepting each week as a challenge and trying not to freak out about certain designs or requests like I used to.  Last week I had a request for some girl dinosaur cookies.  Sounds like fun to me!  I'm always up for a new and fun idea!  So I asked my customer to email me any pictures or party supplies to get some inspiration.  And as soon as I saw the dinosaur on the invitation I just knew that I could match it.  I loved was so cute! image like this dinosaur is the perfect type of image to re-create onto a cookie. 
Here's why: -simple eyes, no shading, clean lines, bright colors
So if you would ever like to pick out an invitation with ordering cookies to match in mind....
those are just a few things to think about :) 

I know that somewhere in my gazillion cookie cutters that I probably had something that would have worked for this shape.  But I just didn't feel like searching through all of them.  So I just printed a picture of the dinosaur on card stock in an appropriate size, cut it out, and traced around it on the cookie dough with a knife.  It's really so easy and it's awesome to get that custom shaped cookie to match your inspiration image. 
I also loved using the pink and white chevron pattern as a backdrop for some name cookies.  And the polka dot #2 cookies tied in all of the colors to make a collection.  These were so enjoyable to make and I'm not sure if it's because I'm this calm yoga-goer now....or because I'm getting more and more comfortable taking on challenges and bringing them to cookie-life.  Either way.....I'm proud if these.
sorry for the really poorly taken photograph here.  It was 6 am and I clearly wasn't awake yet.


I mean, this is the cutest dinosaur ever :)
Have a great week!  I'll check in again soon!