on cloud 9.......

How does the time get away from me so quickly?  My last blog post was BEFORE Halloween and here it is November 14th already.  Is it just me or is November seriously flying by?

Well ...it's been a really exciting couple of weeks for me and for Give Mia Cookie.  I was so honored to participate in the "Knockout Cancer" event at the Galleria mall last night which was hosted by 96.1 Kiss FM.  If you've visited the facebook page then maybe you saw some of the pictures...did you see that super-awesome picture of me and Theresa from the Real Housewives of new Jersey?  No?  OK, I'll post it again here:

Don't we look like bff's??  LOL

I'm just so excited that I got to meet her!  I'm not ashamed to admit that I watch every season of "The Real Housewives" religiously.  
Anyway...back to business...I was so completely overly nervous for this event....you don't even understand.  I've done countless events like this for the chocolate store but never for my own business!  I was scared that it wouldn't look professional enough, that the cookies wouldn't show well, that the samples wouldn't be well-received, etc.  You name it....I was nervous about it.  In the end I was so happy with how everything went.  The location of my table was great, the display came together really nicely, and most importantly everyone seemed to love the sample cookies and designs!  At one moment about an hour in to the event I just had to catch my breath and hold back some tears.  I just couldn't believe that MY business was being introduced to so many people. 
The wonderful comments and encouragement from everyone were truly overwhelming.  I need to thank Amanda and everyone else at the radio station for giving me a chance, thank you to all of the patrons for stopping by and supporting my business, thanks to my mom for babysitting Mia, and most importantly thanks to Rob for being such a huge part of the whole night.  Not many husbands will stand in front of a pink and purple business and hand out pink and purple cookie samples in support of their wives.  Hearing how he talked about my business made me feel like he was really proud of me :)  And hearing him talk about Mia is just the sweetest thing ever :)
And now it's onto the busiest 2 weeks of baking that I've had scheduled yet.  Wish me luck!  Here are some of the Thanksgiving designs that will be keeping me quite busy next week!