Pumpkin cookies!

Pinterest got me again.

I made pumpkin kiss cookies last week... and that's about as good as me building a cat scratching post or knitting wool socks for Rob.  You know why?  I don't like pumpkin, I'm allergic to cats, and Rob cannot.stand.wool.socks.

I intended to use orange sanding sugar to be different
....but later changed my mind and went
with the standard clear sugar.
Sorry for the innaccuracy in my photograph
But apparently everyone else on Earth loves pumpkin stuff because everything is pumpkiny this time of year.  So I pinned some pumpkin kiss cookies on Pinterest last week and I just thought they were so cute!  Ummm....and the best part?  The recipe has 4 ingredients.  Total.  That's it!  The worst part?  Finding those pumpkin spice Hershey Kisses was not an easy task.  I went to 3 stores (with my 2-year old in tow) with no luck....and then I got smart and called 6 other stores before I finally found a CVS that had 3 bags left.  I don't know if the stores just didn't get them in stock yet for the season....or if they were sold out everywhere.  So if you're interested in making these....call ahead first and find those kisses!
Here is the link to the recipe...
I followed it exactly for the ingredients....but my dough was not really able to be rolled and dipped into the sugar because it was so sticky.  So I just used my cookie scoop and put the rounded cookie drops onto the cookie sheet....and then sprinkled some sugar crystals on each one before baking.  I wish that mine had more sugar on them so they looked as pretty as the other ones.  I dropped the ball and got lazy on my sugaring.  Guilty. 

In my opinion these are like little mini-cakes because the texture is so cakey and not really cookie-ish. But they were really so easy to make and who doesn't love a soft chewy cookie?  And Rob's advice for those who may want to make these....Don't skip the sanding sugar on the outside.  It really adds to the cookie and it wouldn't be the same without it. And he's a cookie connoisseur so trust his advice, ok?  Here's a real surprise.....Mia loved these.  Apparently she's nothing like her mother because she's a big fan of pumpkin.  Rob really loved them, too!  And I sent a whole plate of them into his work and they loved them, too!  So all in all....the pumpkin-lovers prevail.  And I'm left with nothing to fulfill my chocolate intake requirement for the week. Sad :(