Shine on!

Well usually I wouldn't address my absence from blogging, I would just hope that no one would call me out and we could all move on.....but I feel like I need to briefly explain.  My computer is on it's deathbed.  It's sad, really.  The sound no longer works, it freezes all the time, the battery doesn't hold any life at all, and there's flour underneath all of my keys so you can imagine how awesome that is.  It looks a mess...poor thing.  So instead of throwing this computer across the room every time it froze during writing an awesome blog post or while attempting to upload pictures onto the facebook page, I would just politely shut it down and walk away.  Well I'm over it now.  I've attempted to re-install drivers, I've been super nice to my computer and deleted a bunch of stuff to clean it up a little bit... and still, it's rebelling against me. 

Even today my computer froze 4 times while writing this blog post. I can't take it anymore.

ugh.  frozen :(

With all of the darkness surrounding my computer drama, and by darkness I mean the blank black screen that I stare at when shutting down my computer for the gazillionth time each day, there have been some bright moments, too.  I recently did some cookies for a bridal shower and I tried a new technique of painting them with metallic gold edible paint.  I loved the final result so much.  It was a lot of work, probably three coats of paint on each cookie....which is why I was glad that I decided to keep the gold parts to a minimum.  I didn't want the gold to be overpowering or really flashy, just a light soft gold.

I have a few other ideas for metallics up my sleeve and I can't wait to work on them.  I'm always trying to challenge myself and learn new only if I could learn about computer repair.

I'll be back just as soon as my technology allows me to be :)  You did miss me though, right?  RIGHT???

Have a good week!