so very humbled.....

So I just got home from the best. day. ever. at my bakery.  my bakery.....sometimes I still don't believe that it's true. Today we decided to open the shop as kind of a test-run of sorts.  I had a bunch of sugar cookies decorated, and a TON of other cookie doughs on hand.  We just planned to bake fresh cookies as the day went on and see what happened.  Let me tell you what happened.....we were unbelievably busy!  Word started to spread on facebook that we were open, people were stopping in fast traffic to make a quick left into our parking lot from rte. 88, our parking lot was full for most of the afternoon!!  My email and facebook notifications were dinging from my phone, the store phone was ringing, and my friends and my community and complete strangers  just really showed up to show their support!  At a few times this afternoon we were basically serving cookies straight from the oven into bakery boxes.  I couldn't even keep up with the amount of customer requests....but when there was a 10 minute wait for chocolate chip....or for cranberry oatmeal....or caramel chocolate pecan....people just waited....patiently.  And everyone was so nice!    I cannot tell you how grateful and very truly humbled I feel.  Just being back in the kitchen and hearing the buzz of people out front chatting and talking made me feel so happy.  Amidst all of the craziness all I could hear was that sweet sound.

I want to thank you.....all of you.  Whether you came today....or posted on facebook or twitter about my shop, or wished me good luck with a text or email.  To those of you who were so sweet to bring me congratulations gifts and my neighbors, old classmates, Mia's teachers, some of my contractors and suppliers for the shop, old friends, new friends, MY FAMILY....I am so extremely blessed and I will never forget today.  Ever.    What we thought was going to be a small experimental opening turned out to be the most successful first day of business that I could have ever imagined.  Thank you.....truly.....thank you.

To my A-team employees today.....Rob, Sarah, and were an awesome team and I am so grateful for you.  We accomplished an amazing task today with no hiccups at all!  Smoothest opening day ever!  Thank you.

I am exhausted.  Physically and emotionally exhausted.  Big week ahead as I'll remain open for regular business hours starting on Tuesday....and then we're planning to do a REAL grand-opening event next Saturday.....stay tuned!

Again, thank you.  I just can't say it enough!  I am so blessed.

G'night all!