You guys, I have a super power.  I'm serious. 

I have cookie-vision.  And that's a real thing.

Here's how it works....I'm walking through a store...or maybe just watching tv, I could be reading a magazine, or maybe even driving my car or taking a boat ride on a sunny day.  And suddenly I see something....and my brain automatically turns it into a cookie.  It happens all the time....a street sign, a company logo, a toy that Mia is playing with, a light bulb, a tool...and now, stationery. know how I know how to spell that?  And to not write "stationary"?  Well...I had a teacher in 5th grade that taught me to always remember that stationery, the paper that you write on, has an E at the end like PEN.  WHYYYYY do I remember stuff like that....yet I cannot remember a grocery list of 2 things to save my life!!!  Frustrating!

Anyway...back to cookie-vision.  My superpower struck again when I was browsing through Michael's and spotted some super-affordable stationery that really caught my eye.  It was Christmas-y without screaming CHRISTMAS in my know what I mean?  It had this mix of colors and designs that were kind of classic looking, yet modern.  A cozy look that resembled a knitted pattern....and just an all around warm feeling to it.  What?  Stationery doesn't say those things to you?  Must all be part of the super-power I guess.

So I knew right away that I needed to translate these patterns and images into a collection of cookies.  But for what?  Like I really don't have time to just make cookies for the heck of it.  I needed a purpose.  I couldn't think of it right away so I just bought a whole bunch of the stationery and strategically placed it in my clear view everyday (so I didn't forget about it, duh!) and then one day it hit me!  Teachers gifts!  Teachers love paper, they'll love stationery.  And cookies!  Perfect. 

Here's the thing.  Sometimes it's a great idea to re-create an image exactly.  For example....the dinosaur in this post: Making the cut. But in this situation it just wouldn't be a good idea to try to copy these images.  They were just a little bit complex for icing. To draw inspiration from the stationery.....that was my exact plan....and it's really enjoyable for me to just sit down and freely create sometimes. 

The first step was the colors.  I love grey and I make it often so that was an easy one.  The red took some time to create.  Red icing tends to darken as it dries so I had to be careful to not deepen the shade too too much.  I think the shade of red that I created was pretty close to what I was going for.  And of course bright white icing....which is always great to work with.  There's only 3 colors in this whole collection but doesn't it look so much more complex than that?

I love the knitted look on the white circles.  That design was a complete after-thought.....but I'm so glad that I did it!

I used a normal piping tube but did a shaky effect so it resembled the text on the stationery.  And then I thought to just use that line-effect on all of the cookies so they coordinate. 

It's kinda fun to see the snowflake on a red background.

The trees are so simple but may be my favorite one!

I tell people this all the time.....when requesting a collection of cookies, it is so important to have one design that is almost completely solid.  It just anchors the collection and gives your eyes a little break from all of the patterns and designs.  I loved this red reindeer and thought it was a necessary part of the collection.

So I made 5 gift baskets with these cookies and stationery combinations.  I found the most amazing coordinating ribbon and some adorable gift boxes to complete the gifts.  I was super-excited to make these....and it became my favorite project in a long time. 

I added in some red velvet cookies because the red was just a perfect match.  Yummy, too! 

So that's cookie-vision.  Who knows when it will strike again.  Stay tuned.

Merry Christmas!! 

Rob, Mia, Layla, and I wish you joy and peace during this Holiday season.  Enjoy your families, make some wonderful memories, and eat lots of cookies!  Love ya!