The Doc is in!

OK moms of knew this was coming!  Doc McStuffins cookies!

Doc McStuffins is one of Mia's favorite shows....and I admit that it's quite adorable.  I love all of the characters and the story lines are so cute.  Mia plays pretend-doctor all the time and she has definitely learned some fun things from this show.  This was a really fun project for me and I just adored the final product!

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you know that I've been spending some real quality time with my daughter lately.  After making these cookies I was inspired to do a craft project with her.  We created her very own "Big Book of Boo-Boo's!"  It was so so so easy and seriously, Mia was impressed.  I'm like freakin' Martha Stewart in her eyes.
Just get some cardstock, scissors, glue, hole puncher, and some plastic coated paper clips(the round rings from the office store would probably be more ideal....but I wasn't gonna take a drive just to get those).  There's no real instructions here....I kinda just winged it.  You get the idea. 

It's so cute!

"I have a diagnosis!"
And now she keeps it in her doctor kit :)