The first Giveaway winner!

Hi everyone and thanks for participating in the very first giveaway from my blog.  I had so much fun reading your posts about your childhood costumes.  I laughed so hard and it brought back some great memories.  A Popple?  Seriously awesome. Raggedy Ann?  My mom made me that costume, too!  And I had completely forgotten about it until I read that post.  Next year I'm going to make PICTURES of your costumes a defiinite requirement :)

Back to business...I used and the winning number was lucky #5!  Erin McMinn is the recipient of this collection of Halloween cookies.  Congratulations, Erin!  (And great costume, too!)

The contest was just a small way of me saying THANKS for reading the blog and following my crazy business.  I'll definitely do more giveaways in the future so stay posted!

Happy Halloween everyone!  I'm up to my ears in black and orange icing for the next 2 days...I'll post pictures of all of the Halloween cookies soon!