What a rock!

what a rock!
I'm pretty sure if this diamond was real it would be like 50 karats.  And I would totally own it if I had won the mega-millions last week.  Sigh...I'll just have to settle for the cookie version for now.
These cookies were really cute....they were used as a favor for a Friday night cocktail bridal shower.  Sounds like so much fun, right?  Cookies and cocktails...Now that's the kind of bridal shower that I'd wanna go to.

There were 100 of these rings.  In case you don't know my personality let me just let you in on a little secret.  I'm completely obsessive.  I count the cookies at every single stage of the process...multiple times during each stage.  I count them as I roll them out, I count them on the cookie sheets, I count them once they are on the cooling racks, I count them as I put them in storage containers, I count them after each stage of decorating, I count them once they are bagged, I count them once I've tied the ribbons, I count the stickers out BEFORE I put them on the bags, and then I count the bags once they are stickered.  I'm so scared that I'm going to lose cookies at some stage of the process....it's totally ridiculous because really....where are they going to disappear to?   I tried to do the final count before putting them in the carrying boxes (did I forget to mention the final count?) and these rings were seriously making me dizzy because I had looked at them for so long.  I kept getting different numbers in the final count and I was seriously losing my mind.  Rob had to come in and count them for me...and of course....they were all there. 

So so many more cookies were made this week....it's a miracle that I survived.  Don't forget to check the facebook page for updated pictures!

 Lots of fun stuff coming up in the next few weeks, too :)  Maybe another giveaway??  Stay tuned....

this picture was taken before they got the shimmer-dust treatment

shiny and pretty :)

so many cookies!