With a cherry on top!

I just became an aunt for the 9th time three weeks ago!  My newest little niece Callie lives in Texas and I couldn't wait to make some cookies to welcome her.  When I was out shopping last week I came across this cute little set of bibs... and as soon as I saw them I just knew that they would be the perfect inspiration for Callie's cookies.  I'm a big fan of navy blue these days (as you'll see when I reveal Mia's 2nd birthday party next month...eeeeeee!!!!  I'm so excited!!).  Navy blue, especially in girly patterns, is just kind of unexpected...and I like that.  So like I said, these bibs just jumped out at me and I got straight to work on designing cookies to match them.

I decided to use just the accent colors of the bibs and actually not the navy blue.  I made the green more of the focus color and I'm so happy that I did that.  Green can be girly, too! I think my decision worked well....I just adore these cookies.  I don't know if it's the simplicity of the cherries, or the clean lines of the cupcakes....but everything in this little collection just worked and I love when that happens. 
All of my nieces and nephews are as sweet as cupcakes...and Callie is the cute little cherry on top!  I'm a proud aunt :) 


Isn't she just as sweet as a sugar cookie!