You're my favorite!

I think it's actually been proven that most parents really do have a favorite child...even if they won't admit it.  Listen, I read about studies and theories and that's how I know it.  OK, that's false.  I think I heard it on a morning radio show one time and that totally makes it valid because sometimes that and the AOL homepage are my only news sources of the day.  Rob and I really bond over the fact that we're both of our parent's favorites.  (Can't wait to see the comments from our brother and sisters!)  Maybe it's because we're each the youngest that makes us feel so favored.  Or maybe it's because we're just that awesome and fun to be around.  Crap, maybe it's because we're needy and require the extra attention for self-esteem.  Nah, can't be.  We're just pretty awesome.

When I create cookies sometimes I have an attachment to the whole design or theme.  Like I love an idea so much that I wish I was invited to the event.  This was one of those times.  Ever since I got the initial email about a baby shower theme entitled "What will it bee?"  I just thought....AWWWWW HOW CUTE!  So I know that I think that about most cookie ideas....but this one was just so cool to me.  It was a gender reveal baby shower and the colors were a modern combination of yellow and gray.  I also really really love when a customer requests something that's just a little bit outside the box.  Like instead of asking for bumblebee cookies she wanted some basic shapes with a honeycomb pattern.  And then we came up with the idea of doing some honeypots and beehives, too. 

The pattern kind of made me dizzy!  But I'll do honeycomb pattern over soccer balls any day of the week!

What do you do when you have extra of your
favorite cookies?  Do a photo shoot, of course!
And then drink tea and eat cookies!  Duh!

It just hit me when I finished these cookies that I was a really proud parent to these creations.  It's a combination of the modern colors and the clean and simple designs that just stole my heart.   You may be thinking...after hundreds of designs, these are your favorites?  But they just are!  I never ever feel really confident in my finished products so it was a great feeling to just know that these were my favorite cookies to-date!  Kind of like how I just know that Mia is my favorite child (somewhere Layla is rolling her eyes thinking "Yeah...she used to tell me that, too people."). 

But watch out honeycomb cookies....I've got some really cute ideas up my sleeve for Mia's 2nd birthday party cookies....will they take the top spot?  Stay tuned!!