You're the next contestant on.....

Match....that....invitation!!!  Sounds like a game show, right?  You know I used to work around actual other human beings all day.  Now I work from home and when Mia is napping or at school I really struggle to keep myself entertained.  I tend to daydream a lot while I'm working on cookies.  One thing I've really always wanted to do was go on a game show.  Sometimes I think about what exact theme of game show would be tailored just for me.  I used to be the go-to person in my family for all things pop-culture.  Everyone would tell me that I would be on their phone-a-friend list for Who Wants to be a Millionaire  just in case they were faced with a question about the names of Brad Pitt's kids or which reality TV star was the sole Survivor in season 3.  And then....I had Mia....and then even WORSE for my pop-culture studying, I became a stay/work-at-home mom.  I stopped reading Perez Hilton, my People magazines started stacking up for weeks before they were even glanced at, and my tv time was replaced with Nick Jr.  Now I'm lucky if I even see a movie in the first few years after it's been released.   But you know, there are some up-sides.  Like for example....when Rob and I do decide to rent a movie(like twice a year)....there are SO many to pick from because we haven't seen anything.  And my brain isn't all filled with useless pop-culture stuff anymore.  There's so much more room for.....wait.....I can't remember anything anymore since having a kid.  There's just empty space in my brain now, I'm convinced. 

So I think if I were to be on any type of game show it would be like craft-wars but for cookies.  Kinda like Cupcake Wars but way less mean judges, please. (I mean, does that one guy EVER like any of the cupcakes?  I'd like to see HIM bake something with rosewater and see how it tastes.  That guy really annoys me.)  So yes....I'd like a game show where they give me a topic or a theme or something to coordinate with and then I would create a cookie that was super awesome and I would win a gazillion trillionty dollars. The end.  I win.

So back to reality....I was asked to make some cookies to coordinate with this invitation:

I really liked the idea of baby cookies that weren't pink or blue or pastel at all.  Anything out-of-the-box gives me a little break from the usual work week.  So I used the green, orange, and brown colors and made a collection using some of the leaves and branches and just the general design idea of the invitation.  And I always like to add in some solid-colored cookies to every collection just to break up the pattern and give it some bold accents.  My onlyyyyy slight problem with these is that I wish that I had made the green color more olive-y.  That made me a little bit sad and definitely would have cost me the win on my game show.

Have a great week :)