It is with such a heavy heart that I am announcing that Give Mia Cookie will be closing it’s doors for the final time in this building after the holiday season.  Our last day of business in this building will be Saturday, January 5th 2019… 1 day after our 5-year anniversary of being open for business.  The building that we currently occupy is scheduled to be torn down in early 2019 for re-development of both this and surrounding properties. I know that there have been a lot of rumors swirling in regards to this property so let me just set the record straight on a few things:

1. No, this property has not changed ownership since the day I started renting here.  There are adjacent properties that have been acquired by my current building owner and the entire property will be re-developed into 2 new buildings, one for retail and one office/medical building.  The details for the new buildings can be found on  The new buildings are tentatively scheduled to be completed by the Fall of 2019.

2.  UPMC has nothing to do with any of this.  Walgreens, Rite Aid, nor any other drug store has anything to do with this.  And NO, there is not a senior living facility being built here. I don’t know how any of these rumors get started but I can assure you that they are simply not true. 

3.  As far as I know, Papa Johns will stay exactly where it is and operate as usual.  Their building is not involved in the redevelopment.

4.  No, I am not being kicked out mid-lease or last minute.  Everything has been communicated to me throughout this process and I have been aware of the end-date for some time now.  As much as I appreciate everyone’s concern for me, please do not assume that I am being mis-treated.  Are we upset that this building is being torn down?   Yes, I am devastated.  If I could sign a 10 year lease in this exact space I would sign it immediately.  Unfortunately that is not an option.  As much as the redevelopment will be positive, I am so sad that our building is caught in the crossfire.  However, this is the world of business in a rental space and I knew that going in. 

5.  NO, WE DID NOT FAIL AS A BUSINESS.  This is an important one for me to get across to everyone.   Do you have any idea how many times we’ve heard people say “Nothing has ever succeeded in this building.”  I’d like to take a moment to address this statement before everyone goes assuming the worst and spreading this same hurtful line once we close our doors.  First of all, unless you were an owner of one of the previous businesses here, who are you to say whether something was a success or not?  What defines success to a business owner and what defines success to the general public are entirely different things. It is so easy on the outside to assume that people just failed instead of really understanding  the amount of work and money and sacrifice and energy and GUTS that it takes to even start and run a business.  I succeed every single day that I manage to get the doors open here….and if you own a business you know exactly what I mean.  Each one of the previous businesses was a success in my eyes because they gave it a shot.  Sure, some lasted longer than others but without knowing what their reason was for walking away you just cannot call them a failure and think it’s fine to say that.   So don’t.  In regards to Give Mia Cookie being a success, all I will tell you is that we hit milestones in this business that I never imagined being able to hit.  I never failed to pay my rent, I never struggled to pay my employees, and I managed to give back to this community as much as I could.  I provided for my family although so many people thought that this was just a hobby for me (??!!) and I have proven to myself exactly what I am made of, which is an insane amount of determination and stubbornness, emotions that I never knew I had, and a work ethic that I challenge anyone to match.  I have been successful here in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined.   So no, we did not fail.

What does this mean for the cookies!?

We will continue to operate on a mostly normal schedule until we close. We will offer Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas pre-order options as we usually do.  Stay posted to our social media to see all information regarding those holidays.  As for specialty orders, if you currently have an order placed for the months of September, October and November, we will honor those orders as usual.  AS OF TODAY, WE ARE NOT TAKING ANY MORE SPECIALTY SUGAR COOKIE ORDERS FOR THE REMAINDER OF OUR TIME HERE. September, October, and November are now completely cut off for new specialty sugar cookie orders and December will be solely dedicated to holiday and normal shop production.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to these decisions so please don’t beg us. 

As of today we are no longer selling gift cards.  We will honor all gift cards through January 5th and we will continue to post reminders about spending them before it’s too late!


As for our future, time will tell. We are working very hard to explore ALL of our options in regards to relocating.  Please understand that it is not so easy as to just “move to a new place” like everyone suggests.  There is so much involved when it comes to making such a huge decision and I am not taking it lightly.  I have had strong convictions about this business since the day I opened it and I will only make a move when and if it’s the right one.  As always, I will continue to be as forthcoming and transparent as I can be about our future plans as they unravel.   Until you hear anything directly from us, please try not to repeat information that is not verified. 99% of the time things that you hear are simply not true, so repeating them does not help matters. 

As you can imagine, this impending ending is a really difficult topic for all of us here to face, including Mia.  We and our staff would all really like to enjoy our last few months here without constantly being reminded and asked about the building and our future plans.  We know that you might be sad, too….and that you’ll want to talk with us about things…..but if you could respect our wishes to not bombard us with questions each day going forward we would really appreciate it.  As always, thank you for your support and for giving us the opportunity to have been in your lives for the past five years.  This journey has been so amazing and although I feel like I have more years of baking in me, I will be ok if this is the end….because I have gained some of the the most memorable and meaningful moments and lessons of my life….and Mia has, too.  Not many people can walk away from an experience and feel as complete as I do…and I am beyond thankful for that.