Hi! My name is Katie and I am the proud owner of Give Mia Cookie, a sweet little neighborhood cookie shop located in the heart of the South Hills of Pittsburgh. I say the "heart" of town because this is my hometown, Bethel Park, Pa and my heart truly belongs here.

My husband, Rob, and I both grew up in Bethel Park. We both left town to follow our collegiate dreams: he at WVU and myself at Syracuse University. I obtained my bachelor's degree in retail management with a focus of study on visual merchandising & retail buying. Once college was over, I was drawn to come back to Pittsburgh because of the love for my family, my city, and of course my fiance! Rob and I got married in 2006 and started planting our roots right here in Bethel Park, where we still reside with our 6 year old daughter, Mia, and our lovable dogs, Layla and Dottie.

My pregnancy in 2010 is when this cookie adventure really began... because I made my first ever decorated sugar cookie for my very own baby shower favors! In August of 2010, we were blessed beyond belief when Mia was born. While embracing my new role of being a mom, I began to fall in love with cookie decorating too. I began to submerge myself in all things cookie related and tried to learn as much as I could through trial and error. For 3 years I made cookies out of my home for friends and family, working late nights and early mornings so that I could still spend my days with my amazing daughter. Mia became very curious about my hobby right around when she turned 2, therefore cookie decorating became something that I was able to share and teach her about. She is amazingly bright and so brilliantly creative, sometimes she truly takes my breath away with her adorable expressions and her sweet words. That is why this business carries her name. She is my ultimate inspiration and means the world to me! So after these past few years of growing my hobby into a business, it became clear that it was time to mix my love for cookie-making with my background in retail. This is how my dream came true and Give Mia Cookie "the shop" was born.

I have so many hopes and dreams for this shop. I hope that it is accepted and loved by the community that I love so much. I wish to learn from each and every success and failure, and to make the shop better each and every day. I dream that two people will meet here and fall in love and that my shop will forever be a part of their "story". I hope that my shop makes people smile. I wish to always be successful enough to be able to give back to charities and foundations that I wholeheartedly believe in. I dream that my daughter will be proud to work here one day and that this shop will always feel like home to her. I hope that my husband and I can one day look back on this family adventure and be so glad that we took this leap.

Lastly, I wish to be a part of your most special family moments - birthdays, neighborhood gatherings, dance recitals, sports banquets, graduations, and more. Both the momentous and everyday occasions that my cookies can help to celebrate and brighten.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Hope you see you at the shop!